Us vs. Them



Us: We have less than 1% Annual turn over. Most of our employees have been with us 5+ years them: the average annual turn over for a valet parking is 73%.

All our employees pass a live scan and criminal background check through the department of justice and los angeles police department.

Them: Most valet companies have such high turn over they will hire someone if they have an acceptable driving record without checking their criminal background or previous employer references.


Us: Our employees are paid by adp with state and federal deductions. We cover all employees on our workers compensation insurance policy.

Them: Most valet parking companies that provide service to restaurants are “cash operators.” This means they pay their employees payroll in cash and do not pay payroll taxes, federal payroll taxes work have workers compensation insurance on their employees. One of the largest valet parking companies for restaurants in los angeles pays their employees as independent contractors so they save 30% by not paying state or federal payroll taxes or workers compensation.


Us: We average 0.00009 % claims annually. The small amount of claims we do have we process with a sense of urgency. Most often we will have mid way car rental delivered a rental car to the claimant and have the body shop pick up their vehicle so the claimant is inconvenienced as little as possible. We return all calls and emails within 4 hours. In 10 years we have never had any item stolen from a guest’s vehicle. We don’t think any other company can make that claim.

Them: The standard policy for most valet parking companies is to deny all claims. If a claimant continues with the processing of their claim, the valet company either has a standard denial letter they will mail out or has a 3rd party claims management company to deny the claim for them. The customer will get the run-a-round and typically the restaurant, hotel or client will receive a call from their customer to explain that the claim is not being handled.

Honeymoon period

Us: With zultra there is no honeymoon period. After 10 years at our longest standing account, the owners are on site, working side by side the team a minimum of 3 days per week.

Them: You will find that after 2-4 weeks, the person you signed the agreement with will leave the account in the hands of an hourly supervisor.

Small details which matter

Us: You will never see our valet podium messy with drinks and food on top of it that guest’s can see. You will never find our employees chewing gum, using their cellular phone, unshaven, in a wrinkled uniform, standing with their hands folded, smoking, wearing cologne or eating/drinking in view of guests.

Them: Most times you will see soda cups and potato chips or food on top of the podium you will see their valet team chewing gum, using their cellular phone with their head down, either texting or on a call, standing with their feet against the wall, in an unkempt uniform, unshaven and often wearing cologne which then the guest will smell in their car.

City of Los Angeles parking occupancy tax

Us: All valet parking companies in los angeles must pay 10% of the gross revenue to the city of los angeles as valet parking occupancy tax. We pay this monthly and each account we operate has their own account number with the city of los angeles.

Them: Most valet companies do not have a city of los angeles business license or pay this mandatory tax to the city. In 2017 the police commission formed a team of 6 police offers to enforce this.